About Sprout Creativity

Our mission is, to help people lead a more creative life and when you join Sprout Creativity, you don’t just start your own creative journey but you also join our creative journey!

Need for Creative Expression

Everyone has a need for creative expression, however our busy schedules and multiple digital distractions leave us with limited time for our creative outlets.

Creative expression has been known to increase feelings of joy and optimism and also lead to reduced stress and relieve anxiety. At Sprout we believe creative outlets help us engage and immerse ourselves in activities and experiences in a flow state or as some say being in the zone. The creative experience is not just about what you get as an output but about the process itself.

And like meditation or fitness, engaging with creativity is a practice that requires training and habit building to achieve long-term benefits. This is why at Sprout Creativity we encourage our members to set their own creative journey and track progress.

Creative time = Me Time

And anyone who chooses to be a creator can build their creativity with some guidance and training. Some other benefits of crafting include

  • seeking for wellness or relaxation,
  • gaining a sense of accomplishment or joy,
  • building self-esteem through projects and learning new skills
  • fuelling our curiosity
  • making social connections and friendships.

It’s time for Creativity - Its time for me.

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Who we are -

Team behind Sprout Creativity

Triveni Shukla

Triveni Shukla

Lead - Content Design and Outreach

Learning specialist in the hospitality industry turned full-time artist and art educator. Trained in water color and oil painting and experienced in conducting online workshops and content design. Triveni has build a strong network of artists across varied crafts and handmade products as part of her experience.

Pragya Gupta

Pragya Gupta

Founder and Creativity Advocate

Pragya has 10+ years of experience in strategy, planning, fundraising and product design in the impact finance sector, and is also trained in UX design and design thinking. She enjoys learning more every day, whether through interactions with people or systems, and this curiosity drives her each day. Also a serial crafter and creativity advocate!



Digital Marketing Associate

An English literature student by interest, a digital marketer by profession and a craft lover by heart, Fatema likes experimenting and exploring her different interests. For her, Creativity is a stress buster and a favourite way to spend me-time. She also loves to write and travel.