Announcing Sprout Craft & Create Box

Crafts and Projects

Sprout Creativity is founded by creative individuals working in non-creative professions. Building and pursuing creative skills is something they struggled with over the years which led them to start Sprout.


Choose from curated beginner, intermediate, or advanced projects.


Mini-exercises complete regularly, allowing space for reflection


Complete real-world projects at your own schedule with easy access to experts


Share and receive feedback in project specific groups


Set and track your progress and repeat the cycle with new projects

Quilling - Wall Art

Quilling - Wall ArtIntermediate

Quilling as a hobby has been around for centuries though its modern and contemporary style is what you will find here...

Kantha Embroidery

Kantha EmbroideryIntermediate

There are more than 10 different embroidery techniques in India. Learn Kantha embroidery patterns to add and embellish your favourite bags, pillows, bedcovers, etc!..

Chinoiserie - Blooming Peonies

Chinoiserie - Blooming PeoniesIntermediate

Create with our experts one of the old art forms which signify the delicateness and beauty of nature and is inspired by Chinese and East Asian influences...

Macramé - Lampshade

Macramé - LampshadeIntermediate

Macramé is a versatile art and you can create small projects as well as large projects like this beautiful lampshade with simple techniques!..

Brush Lettering

Brush LetteringIntermediate

Brush Lettering with watercolors. You can start from the basics and practice artist techniques with a series of 6 masterclasses...

Illustrations and Landscapes

Illustrations and LandscapesBeginner

Acrylic Illustrations inspired by nature! Learn the art of painting landscapes with our illustrations expert...

Botanical Line Art - Daffodils

Botanical Line Art - DaffodilsBeginner

Enjoy the series of floral illustrations. It is a great way to practice line art and create magical drawings of your favourite flowers...

Kalighat Patachitra - Holiday theme

Kalighat Patachitra - Holiday themeIntermediate

Patachitra art tells stories and you can make your own patachitra art with step by step approach and elements practice shared by our experts. ..

Kerala Mural Art - Underwater Elements

Kerala Mural Art - Underwater ElementsBeginner

Mural art has its own charm in bringing up history. We bring mythologies to life or we also appreciate the life around us in this beautiful art form. ..