Frequently asked questions

Have a question about Sprout Creativity? You can probably find the answer here! Feel free to reach out to us via if you’re not finding what you need. Don’t be shy 🙋🙋‍♂️ Thank you!

What are some of the unique features of Sprout? Why should I join Sprout?

  1. Sprout offers projects across more than 15 crafts at beginner, intermediate, and advance levels to avoid confusion and proceed in the right way
  2. You get a community of like-minded people to converse and share your creations, tips, etc. and get feedback.
  3. You can request the help of experts in case of any difficulty.
  4. It offers a feature to build a creative journey which is an excellent way to cultivate a habit for creativity, design, and track the progress of your creative activities.
  5. The platform is always alive and happening through posts, conversations, regularly added crafts, Monthly Craft hours, Wednesday challenges and contests.

Will I get access to all the crafts at all levels if I buy a subscription?

Yes, you will get access to the entire library of projects which includes more than 15 crafts at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The projects include detailed instructions with 20+ hours of video tutorials from our creativity experts.

How does the ‘gift membership’ feature work?

You can select the gift option at the time of payment and provide the name, email and phone number of the recipient. We will email the membership invite to the giftee email that you share at the time of purchase. 

Can I cancel my subscription? What is the refund policy?

You may cancel your subscription any time by contacting us at We have a 7-day cancellation verification policy, which means that within 7 days you will be notified if your cancellation and refund claim has been processed. Your membership will be canceled at the end of the month you raise a cancellation request. 


We provide a full refund (excluding taxes) for the remaining months of your membership. E.g. If you purchased the annual membership on 15th Sep and canceled the subscription on 5th Nov 21, your refund will be processed for the period 1st onwards.