The Creative Journey

Has your busy schedule taken over your inner creative self? Well you are definitely not alone!


Learning hobbies and being part of a creative environment is a gift we have as children. However, as working adults, we either have no or very limited connect with creativity. At Sprout Creativity, we want this to change! We are on a mission to connect people through the art and craft they love and help users start and be consistent on their creative journey. Our research with young and growing adults has confirmed our belief that we all need much more creative expression in our lives. Each user we spoke to answered positively to a simple yet revealing question “do you want to spend more time on your creative projects?”


Finishing a project, seeing the results of their own creation made users feel accomplished and brought joy. Appreciation from family and friends provided support and made them feel capable and confident. People were in fact as motivated by the break from regular routine and stress relief that accompanies any creative project as from learning new things makes which brings its own excitement. Yet, though most users feel motivated to build their creativity they find it difficult to be consistent.


So we stepped out to learn more and the top three barriers our research identified were:

  • Creative projects are time consuming. Even simple projects can take 2–3 hours for completing which makes it difficult to pursue regularly and also interferes with users self-care or leisure time
  • Pursuing creative projects is usually a self-driven effort where you yourself are doing everything with limited accountability
  • Creative projects are pursed randomly as an when the desire to build or learn something comes up, most users are not planning or building any creative time in their schedules

So, we have found our challenge - How might we inspire, nudge and support adults to start and be consistent in pursuing creativity?


Do you also face these challenges or do you have any other barriers in your own creative journey? 


Cover Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash